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Pictures in costume?!

Yup! That's what is taking place at the studio right now!

I'm hopping on in between sessions, because I had to spread the joy!

Purim minis are ten minute sessions booked back to back! They are just so much fun!

If you've joined me before , you know how fun, quick and enjoyable it is! You come dressed up. Hop on the white backdrop and white reflective floor. Twirl to our Purim music. And Bam! You're ready to choose your favorite. Or favorites!

Super simple. quick. and you've got the cutest purim memories captured! So you can look back at your yearly pictures and appreciate the efforts you put in.

Some clients create their costumes. Sew and stick and get all the little details together. ( Cuz' we all know it's the little things that create the big picture)

And then some of you get the most adorable ready store bought costumes, and we capture the cutest expressions of your little ones.


We're fully sold out for day #1. As in back to back - hectic - fun - craziness!

And I'm so grateful!

Looking forward to meeting my new and repeat clients!

And wishing you all a Happy Purim!




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