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The dream photoshoot that came true

It all began with a dream. A dream to capture the family at this precious stage. A dream to take precious moments, so fleeting, and freeze them for eternity. The little girl with her adult teeth just about growing in. The chalake boy, with his golden curls. The little Cheder boy, with those freckles sprinkled across his nose.

And meticulous planning. We discussed the clothing choices. We shopped together. Pulled props together to make the look be just so. The straw hat. The knit blanket throw. Some vintage books for our picnic set.

And then came the timing. We knew we wanted that golden hour glow. The warm light enveloping the family pictures like a huge hug. Kids came home from school, had baths and naps. And filled their tummies.

And the setting. The location. We scouted. We searched and chose the perfect secret spot. The trees. The paths. The Jerusalem homes in the background. Its our secret spot.

And then the photoshoot. The atmosphere was relaxed. Thrilling in a way. We got photos of the kids Dancing. Playing . Natural smiles. The sweetest giggles. Priceless interactions captured forever.

We stayed until the sun was beginning to set.

It was hard to leave.

It was a magical day. With magical results.

The next step in the process is choosing the perfect albums, velvet cover... fine art paper.... luxury design.

And a wall collection for the family to enjoy.

Thats our next step. And it's a treat to be a part of this process for my clients. To create art for them to cherish for eternity.

I look forward to making your dreams come true too.

We are fully booked for June, And have just a few limited slots available for July.

August is filling up in New York!

Now booking September and October in Jerusalem.

I'm excited to make your dreams come true too.




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