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We're up to here! Deep Breaths!

I don't know about you, but on my end there's this feeling of WHOA! No better way to describe it.

Summer is just hectic, and amazing, and fun, and so so busy. Especially as a mom of girls and a photographer.

Anyone else need a vacation from vacation?!

And now the kids are back in school (We got those back to school pictures done of course.) And Yom Tov is around the corner. Just about.

Sukkos is a highlight in Yerushalayim and I absolutely can't wait to meet all of those that booked sessions for the Tishrei season

There's something different in the air this time of year. A sparkle. Call it magic dust?

The air is fresh, the sun embraces you like a warm hug, and there's a bounce in you step as you walk over Jerusalem stone.....

Soooo why am I writing? Just wanted to say Hi! Pop in. Congratulate you on a summer well done. It isn't always easy to be off schedule. Out of routine.

So hats off to you!

I hope the new beginnings are as wonderful as Jerusalem feels at this time of year.

Fresh. Sparkly. And with magic dust all around.

With much love ( While I go back to editing and creating art for you and yours)



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