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About Us

Step 1.

We will meet, in person or virtually, to discuss your dream session, clothing, and wall art options.

Step 2.

We'll have a fun and relaxed session and freeze those fleeting, beautiful memories

Step 3.

Approximately 2 weeks later we'll meet up at my studio one last time where I'll help you choose the perfect pictures for your products.

Step 4.

4-6 weeks later I'll deliver your photos, albums and wall art and whatever art it is we created for you and your family to enjoy.


How's that for a picture perfect Pampering proccess?!

Hi, I'm Sussie , The photographer behind Sussie Photography. 

I'm so happy you stopped by! 

At Sussie Photography our goal is to give you, our clients a fun, relaxing time and have you leave with magnificent memories of your family. 

We pride ourselves in creating Art worth hanging!

Capturing those beautiful, yet fleeting moments in the lives of my clients is my passion and joy!

As a mom of three beautiful girls I know what it means to want to hold on to those amazing moments, and never let go! They grow up oh! so fast!

 I look forward to join you in the creation of Timeless Masterpieces of your own special people!! 

Thank you for stopping by,

Let's be in touch!



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Phone - 9177242631


I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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