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Newborn Sessions Are Back

They're back. And I'm so excited about it. Because there is absolutely nothing like having pictures of your precious little bundle in their first few weeks of life. There's something so special about it. So fresh. So sweet. And most of all, so fleeting.

So, for a bit of the backstory. I first photographed newborns way back when I started out. (In addition to all the other genres I was photographing) And it was a really nice experience. I loved it. And honestly, I'm not sure why I stopped. Seriously scratching my head kinda' puzzled. Why did I stop?

I've gotten so many requests over the years. And recently, when one of my return customers- now turned friend had a baby, She called and said - "Sussie, you're doing my newborn session". We did it. Got fabulous shots. And I aint' looking back!

Ok, I did do some more newborn trainings over the years. And learned safety precautions and all the techniques that come along with being a newborn photographer.

And confession alert - I even splurged on props when I wasn't even doing the sessions. (ok, I may need some prop ocd therapy help...) We're putting them to use now!

So I'm here to share my excitement that newborn sessions are back.

Annddd I want to make sure you know that newborn sessions are ideally shot in baby's first 2.5 weeks of life. When they're all curly, and sleepy, and cuddly. So sessions are best booked in advance to confirm availability...

Looking forward!

Click here to see the newborn gallery - - My apologies in advance for the baby fever.... ;)


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