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Of tantrums, candies, naps, and bribes.

Worried about how your son will behave at our photoshoot? Know your adorable, rambunctious two and a half yr old can act up.

Hello, terrible two's ;)

You're still here ?!

Have no fear!

Follow along for some tips I share with my dear clients, and now with you, on how to best prepare your pre-upsherin boy for his pictures!

First of all, I'm no child therapist, but believe me when I tell you, Kids can sense everything. So Momma, make sure you sleep (I know, I know...) and eat well. And deep breaths, we've got this. It's a whole 'nother experience here.

Our sessions are designed to be calm, enjoyable and fun. I love capturing kids in their elements, dancing, running laughing , and get them comfortable behind the lens, before we go for the Fine art portraits you dream of.

Start speaking about the photos a few days in advance in an excited tone. We're going to have our photos taken! Hurray! The lady's name is Sussie, and she is so so nice! We're egoing to have so much fun. I can't wait. We're so lucky...

Make them look forward. Kids feel our excitement.

Have your child take a nap/sleep well before our session. You know your child best. In general tired toddlers aren't as cooperative.

Food of course. A healthy filling meal before the session is always important.

You can bring along dry snacks such as crackers or pretzels, in case your cutie gets hungry. (no messes on the beautiful clothing )

I always try not to offer candy, bribes during the session. Use it as a last last resort. Rather (if need be) offer ice cream from the shop After the session. And follow through ;) Let the child feel like the session IS the treat.

Always prepare all the clothing and accessories the night before, so the day of the shoot is as calm as possible. A wonderful beginning of a wonderful day.

Once you get to our location/studio, relax and leave it to me. (kids test their parents more, we know that ) And most of all, enjoy the experience.

Looking forward!

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out in the link below. I'd love to hear from you!

July is fully booked.

August has another 2 slots available in New York!

Now booking September and October!


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