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The Perfect Gift


I celebrated a close friends birthday last week, (y'know those friends that are like your own chosen family) Anyway, so I was out on the street heading to jewelry shops and I just. wasn't. feeling it. I wanted to give something sentimental. Something meaningful. And something that'll last. And honestly, I got home emptyhanded.

As I was sitting down to work, an email notification showed up in my inbox. Make that one of 4 inboxes. lol.

It was a notification from one of the pro labs I use to print albums for clients. This one was for myself! The album I designed of a session I did for my family- was on it's way to my home! Ahhhhh! I can't describe the euphoria!

And it hit me. I wanted to share that feeling. That excitement. The joyyyyyyyyyyy ! If you're a SP client, you know the feeling! Of holding your own family's fine art in your hands. (or on your walls...) Of knowing that what you have will be treasured for generations. And then I knew.

My friend got a gift card. And I can not wait to preserve her memories - of her family. for eternity.


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